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You are your own expert

Respect for you as your own healer is where all of my offerings start. You know best what is right for you, though sometimes you might benefit from a different perspective. I'll share practical information about the body so you can apply it in a way that works for you.

With over 20 years experience as a massage therapist, bodyworker, and distance healer, I've learned to communicate with muscles. Empowering people to understand their own bodies has been a passion of mine from the start. While your body doesn't speak English, you can listen to it...and to be listened to. Get tips of the trade so you can feel better, move more easily, and keep yourself active.

Want to go beyond just your physical body? Somatic Translation blends elements of movement, body correspondences, Life Analysis, maybe some bodywork, with a playful approach to insight using a variety of tools for your "be healthy, be happy" tool kit. I offer individual as well as group presentations, as well as traditional and contemporary massage, cupping, and energy sessions.

Knowledge is power. When your session is over, you actually can take it with you.

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"There's nothing as inspiring as a new realization."

- Kabalarian Philosophy

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Your body talks to you all the time. Do you know how to understand it? Somatic translation can help reduce pain, improve movement, and open communication between your body and your mind.

Using a combination of Life Analysis, body correspondences, energy work, and touch, I'll help you build your body/mind dictionary.


After a brief demonstration, use massage therapist tips to help you have fun and not get tired quickly while massaging your Sweetheart. Then switch and you get to receive a four-handed massage!

Each experience focuses where you need it most, using equipment you're likely to have at home or at your vacation rental.


Play your way into clarity! This board game can be as lighthearted or as deep as you like. You're the captain of your ship, Cosmic Compass can help you navigate. Cosmic Compass Soirees (group sessions) are also available.

Don't let muscle stiffness keep you from doing what you enjoy! This hands-on workshop will teach you basic ways to massage your friends' aching muscles - without special equipment, getting undressed, or wearing yourself out.



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